ON-CAMERA CLASS DEALS:                                                                           

On-camera Scene Study- Wednesday or Thursday: 7pm-10:30pm        

Weekly Class Payment Packages
1-month of classes - $350
2-months of classes - $600 ($300 / month) *paid in advance

Actor-friendly flex plan: If you need to miss class due to an audition, paid acting work, or illness/emergency you will be granted a make-up class per instance. However, please let us know as early as you can so that we can find a substitute for your scene partner.

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Until August 30th!

This is your time to be prepared, to consolidate and promote your work before audition season picks up again.

20-30 second monologues ideal to be cut into your reel
Filmed and finished in-studio on green screen with excellent production value.

How it works:
For ONE mini-logue, you receive a 1-hour coaching session and then a second coaching the following week, on the day of shoot: 

  • $400 (usually $450)

For TWO contrasting mini-logues, you receive a private 1-hour coaching session for each piece, and then a second coaching on the day of each shoot (they can be spread out or done together as you prefer): 

  • $600 (usually $750) 


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 These scenes are developed and coached over 4 weeks in our On-Camera Scene Study Class. The first 2 weeks are spent working on a “prep scene.” By the third week, the scene to be shot as a reel-piece is selected, analyzed, and rehearsed. The scene is then given an on-camera rehearsal the fourth week of class, and then shot under Seamus’ direction the following week.

  • $900/ person (usually $1050/ person)

  * Due to the added amount of post-production work, the turn around on two-character scenes is much longer than that of the mini-logues. If needed, scenes can be expedited for an added rush fee: $300


Reach out to us if you need a scene partner while considering this option.





Private coaching while enrolled in class: $75/hr  (Standard Rate: $95/hr)

Seamus is now SKYPE COACHING locally and internationally.